Staging Your Home For An Open House To Demand The Highest Price

When planning to sell real estate in Menifee, the way to sell quickly is by use of proper staging. Staging the home involves small details, but the purpose is to exude a welcoming feeling as visitors tour the property during an open house.

Potential buyers can experience the spaciousness and comfort that the home has to offer if it is staged properly. With these tips, staging becomes exciting and rewarding at the same time.

Curb Appeal
The first thing onlookers will see is the outside of the home. The house must blend in with the neighborhood and have a clean and neat appearance. The address must be visible, and the sidewalk and driveways should be sprayed down and cleaned of debris. Plants and shrubbery should appear to be well maintained and complement the property. In fact, freshly planted flowers and a manicured lawns will make the outside of the house inviting and welcoming, so these additions are always recommended.

Living Area
Take a long hard look at the floors. If there are any visible stains in the carpet, consider getting it replaced or professionally cleaned. Rearrange the furniture into a symmetrical arrangement, creating an entertaining area that is both inviting and spacious.

Update the kitchen sink, cabinets and countertops. Most people factor in the entertaining space of a kitchen when looking for a place to call home, so clear all the surfaces and the kitchen table of clutter. In fact, aim for a basic kitchen setting with the minimum amount of additions so that the most amount of space is exposed.

Use steel wool pads and lime-removing solutions to scrub mildew and grime accumulation from the walls and grout in the bathroom. Update the faucets and handles, making sure that the entire bathroom sparkles. Consider re-glazing the tub and replacing the tiles, or installing a complete bathtub and wall lining system in order to give the bathroom a remodeled feel that is clean and cozy.

Master bedroom
Try to appeal to both sexes by using neutral tones. Remove any clutter from the closet and around the room. Create an open atmosphere by opening the blinds and limiting the decorations on the walls. Remove personal items from on top of dressers and night stands, using lamps, candles and small trinkets as accents.

Staging for Menifee, CA real estate properties that are for sale becomes a lot easier if you have professionals like First Fairway Realty helping you by your side. By creating a spacious atmosphere that is warm and inviting, potential buyers can envision themselves calling your home their new home.

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