About Us

Team Robinson is the real estate enterprise owned and operated by Bill and Linda Robinson. Based in the Menifee Valley region, these Realtors® are premier real estate experts on the market in Menifee, CA. If you are looking for a real estate professional whose opinions you can trust, the Robinsons will be more than happy to serve your property needs.

Our History

Bill Robinson was born on February 23, 1938, while Linda Robinson on January 21, 1955. Bill is extremely knowledgeable in all things property, while Linda is a broker and has an MBA. The Robinsons have lived in the Menifee, CA region since 1990, so they are well-informed of the area’s real estate market. Together, they passionately provide real estate services to those who are in need of guidance when it comes to closing a property deal.

Why Should You Choose Us?

• Typically, when you enlist a real estate agent or broker, you only retain the services of one expert. Not so with Team Robinson; when you choose us, both Bill and Linda will operate as a team to help you find a home or sell your current property. Nothing can be more reassuring than having two professionals with your best interests in mind guiding you through the real estate buying or selling process.
• We are more than your typical real estate company. We will walk you through the entire buying or selling process. Allow us to negotiate on your behalf, and land a deal that suits your needs. Let us take care of you and improve your customer experience. We are proud to say that many of our previous customers are satisfied with our services.
• We are affiliated with Coldwell Banker, one of the largest and most trusted brands in real estate. What this means for you is that you get to enjoy access to comprehensive property listings and convenient real estate services through your smartphone or mobile device. Coldwell Banker’s innovative approach to property transactions can greatly improve the way you buy or sell homes.
Team Robinson maintains a PRO status on both Trulia and Zillow, two popular online resources for all things real estate. The properties we sell are prominently featured on this site, so buyers can peruse them at their own leisure, and sellers get to showcase their properties on two of the largest listing services on the Web.
• Our team utilizes the latest technologies and innovations to broaden your reach and improve your buying or selling experience. We will use every resource at our disposal—websites, online listings, social media, virtual tours of your home, open house viewings, daily prospecting, and much more—to make sure that all possible options are considered, giving you more choices.
For more details, call the Team Robinson team at 951-440-7879 or visit the contact page and fill out the form.